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How do I know if my baby has an ear infection/ache?

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He is 6 months old as of tomorrow and has been fussy more than usual and wants to be held all the time when holding him the fussyness stops and messes with one of his ears alot. I don't know if he is just descovoring new body parts or if somthing could be wrong with him.

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Some babies pull at their ears when they are infected. If the infection is bad, he will get a fever with it. The doctor can look in his ear and tell you immediately if it is infected or has built-up fluid.
pulling on the ears is the first sign. fever, and fussiness goes along with that. if you think he has an ear infection, they only way to find out is by having his doc look inside his ears. pain reliever will help like motrin or tylenol. i used motrin with my daughter, because tylenol is crap for pain. he may be prescribed an antibiotic if it's a nasty infection, but if it's mild, the doc may not give him one. a lot of times they can clear up on their own.
Playing with the ears is often the first sign there may be an infection.
Good news. They now make a product "Earcheck' that you can buy at HEB and I am sure elsewhere. My pediatrician told me about it and told me to search online since my son was so prone so often to ear infections. I bought it at HEB and it's simply wonderful. I wish I had had this with my other daughter.  It checks for fluid in the ear and reads either: fluid unlikely, monitor or consult doctor.  It works and it's a great invention. Hope you find this helpful.
Thank you all for your advice we took him to the doc on Fri. it was all from him teething =]

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