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How do I know when my marriage is affecting the kids?

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My husband and I constantly fight with one another. We want a divorce but at the same time we feel it is necessary to stay together for the kids. How do I know if the arguing is getting to my kids? Should I stay in this relationship for them?

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That's a tough one. My husband's parents split and they are both happily remarried. My husband is a perfectly well adjusted grown up with no serious emotional trauma or issues. Divorce doesn't always 'destroy' children like they say. On the other hand, Marriage is a commitment and you had to know it would be hard work. My husband and I argue. I'm pretty sure every married couple argues. The thing we've done recently that helped was to simply make an agreement to not argue. It sounds silly, but voicing the decision with each other (when we weren't fired up about something else) made us think about it later. Hope this helps. Good luck to you and your family. :)

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