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How to do I make my 4 month old drink more?

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My 4 month old has been nursing for only 5 minutes or less since he was born. THe pediatrician said up until his 2 month appointment that he was gaining weight fine and was in the the 50th percentile. However, when I went for our 4 month check up he fell to 25th percentile. He only takes about 3oz at each bottle feed and if he nurses it is for only about 5 mins. I am trying to make him drink more because the pediatrician says he should be taking 8 oz at each feed now. But he just won't drink more than 3.5 oz from the bottle or nurse for longer than 5 mins.

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Short answer: you don't. My son never drank as much as he was supposed to drink.  I don't think he made it up to 8 ounces until he was around 10-12 months old, and by then he was on solids. He's fine - small, but he's always been small so it's not such a big deal. Is your pediatrician worried about his weight?  If not, then don't you be.  Kids bounce on those percentiles all the time.  It's not a big deal, unless he's actually LOSING weight, or just plain not gaining it.  Another thought: you don't say if he's having formula or breastmilk in those bottles, or if your eating habits have changed in the last few weeks.  It's possible that he doesn't like the flavor of the formula, or if you've changed your diet it may have changed the flavor of your breastmilk.  It might be worth trying a different brand of formula, just for kicks. 
If you do switch formulas, don't just use the new kind right away. Changes like that can give him an upset tummy. Try a bottle of this, then that, then back to this until the old stuff is gone.Also, don't worry if he isn't drinking enough. AS long as he isn't underweight, don't worry. When I went in for my WIC appointments, they always said my son was overweight. I did what I thought was right. I fed him until he was full and never force fed him anything nor starved him to meet someone else's approval.Besides, some people have small people in their families and some have large boned in their families. They don't consider that on the percentile charts.
My daughter is pretty big...she is four months old and in the 98th percentile. She eats 4-6oz of formula every 3-4 hours. I tried moving her up to 8oz so that we could go longer in between feedings but she didn't want that much milk all at once. So, I think that 8oz is a baseline and it could go up or down from there. Even my gigantor daughter doesn't want that much food, hahaha.
My 3 year old was the same way she didn't gain weight the way others did and I was worried about it at first. My daughter remains in the 5th percentile and according to my doctor it is nothing to worry about. He is probably more aware of world, and is so excited about all the things around him, he just can't wait to get back to it even if it means cutting back on his eating. Kids go through stages in eating, some days they eat very little others they eat loads of food. It is normal, anunless the Ped. is worried there's nothing to worry about.Keep an eye out for dehydration, now that it is summer. The soft spot on top of the head will be sunken in,and his urine will be dark yellow.

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