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How do I move on any tips?

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I really want another baby so bad! Anyone have tips to get the idea out of my head?

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Ok, let me get this straight. You are wanting another baby but are ultimately wanting to wait before you have another? Why are you wanting to wait?My kids are 18 months apart and I love it. So do they. Adding another child is a lot of work no matter what the age difference, having them close together doesn't make it more work on top of that. In fact, it's a little easier in some ways because you're still in the baby phase of things. My daughter was young enough that she wasn't jealous of her brother and now that they're both toddlers they're best friends. They're closeness in age means they'll be more likely to be great friends throughout their entire lives.Financially, it doesn't cost that much more to have kids close in age. In a lot of ways it's easier. Yeah, you'll have two in diapers for a little while, but potty training wasn't any more difficult because of the baby and my daughter didn't regress for attention. And, my son is only 16 months old and he's already telling us when he wants a new diaper and hiding to poop, so he may be potty trained earlier than my daughter because he immitates her. The kids eat all the same foods and snacks. It's almost like having twins because they're at almost the same stage in development.
financially i wouldnt be to worried buts just I got married a year ago then had a baby and before we had him we wanted to be moved into a house... so i settled and let my husband pick the 2 bedroom 1 bath i dont think there is room plus he wants to wait. I was 8 months at the time and was fed up with shopping for houses lol we all know how being prego makes you and house shopping sucks put them together and you just get total craziness!
I definitely know how that goes. We did most of our house hunting during my first trimester. We've been dealing with trying to get a bank-owned house and it's been a major hassle. Thankfully, we should be closing this week!When our second baby was born we were in a two bedroom apartment. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd thought it was going to be. My son slept with us in our bedroom for the first couple of months and then I moved him into his crib in the room he shared with our daughter. Luckily there was enough room for his crib, her toddler bed and a queen size bed. Their dressers were in the closet. I spent a lot of nights sleeping in the kids room because I like to co-sleep with my babies. Bath time was fun because my daughter insisted on taking a bath with her brother. Until he could sit up I put his baby bath tub in the big tub and they played. Having to share a room and taking baths together really helped strengthen their bond. With little ones, space isn't really an issue. They'll be all over each other and in each other's things anyway! Of course, if your husband isn't ready for another one there isn't a whole lot you can do. My husband and I were on the same page when it came to planning our family. He's got a sister who is almost 5 years younger than he is and they weren't close until they were adults. He didn't want that for our kids and since we knew I was going to be a SAHM anyway we figured we might as well have them 18-24 months apart so they'd be close and we'd be out of the baby stage sooner. And now, even though I still want another baby after this one (due in Dec.), and even though I adore babies, I'm anxious to be able to go on real family vacations and things like that. If you can't or don't want to get pregnant any time soon but still have those feelings you just have to find something else to focus on. Take up a new hobby, take a mommy & baby class with your son, just do more to enjoy the family you've got right now and when the time is right you'll have another baby.
I think if you want a baby you should talk about it with your husband let him know that its what you want. But my advice is that like VforVenture said get a new hobby go to a mommy and me class with bentley or something you enjoy. 
was thinking of joining smart start play groups but they closed the one in mooresville =(
was thinking of joining smart start play groups but they closed the one in mooresville =(
If you're going to wait you just have to stop thinking about it. Occupy yourself with other things.

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