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How do I prepare my 2 year old to get ready to use the potty?

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The better question do you prepare yourself to potty train a two-year-old?? First, wait for signs that he's ready...staying dry at nap or at night, showing interest in the potty, etc. Definitely hold off if he's not ready, it'll just be a headache for the both of you. Most importantly, monitor his bathroom habits and try to catch him with a dry diaper and say (with excitement), "Let's go to the potty!!" You can buy a small potty or straddle the big potty, whichever you/he prefer. I usually start with one or two times a day...right after nap and right before bath are great times to get them acquainted with the potty. Don't hold back with your praise when he does go. Have a potty party! Most importantly, don't get impatient. I just potty trained our fourth child in just under a year. We had lots of ups and downs, good days and bad days, but it was like he wasn't ready until one day--then it just clicked! Lots of kids don't take that long--our second practically potty trained herself. Patience, patience, patience!!!! 
I just got done potty training my soon to be 4 year old son!  It took more than a year for him to fully get it.  We tried everything and in the end he just did it when he felt comfortable.  I had a fancy $30+ potty chair with all the bells & whistles, it even talked and he hated it. A friend suggested the frog potty chair for $13 at Target and he loves it and proudly uses it daily.  Good luck, like momof4 said... patience, patience, patience.
buy a seat for him and let him get used to it just being around. then when he's ready let him use it

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