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how do i punish my 6 year old daughter for misbehaving in school

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Thats a tough one because more than likely it has been addressed by the school as well.  I don't think you can re-punish otherwise it would be like being punished by mom and punished again by dad when he got home.  What i would do is talk to her about why she misbehaved and solutions for whatever she brings up.  I.E. I wanted to see out the window so i got up, how about next time you wait till the teacher says it is ok to go to the window. I hit Timmy cause he called me a bad name, next time tell the teacher that way he gets into trouble not you
spare the road, spoil the child.
I'm having a problem with my 5 year old getting in trouble at school as well.  Most of the time it is during "nap time" when she's getting in trouble.  Talking, getting up, even arm wrestling..LOL  I started giving her a time out when she gets home but that hasn't seemed to help :(
turcoise,so when your child gets detention, suspended, or even expelled from school, you are not going to punish him at home? just because they get in trouble at school, doesn't mean that we should let it ride at home, and say, "it's ok hunny."

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