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How do I re-raise a soon to be 3 year old?

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I am new at being a parent. I basically just jumped into being a parent. My boyfriend is in the Marines so he is never really home. His son who is 2 has been through a lot. His mother has a few mental illness problems. When Nate (boyfriend) has gone on deployments she never really took the right roll of being a mother to Calibur. Calibur never learned how to be calm because the mother seemed to be angry all the time as well. Cal himself seems to be angry all the time. I am trying my best to be that mother figure that he never got to see. Basically I am trying to get caught up with rules and manners. He is doing better so far. I couldn't be anymore proud of how long hes came since we left home (Seattle). I guess I just need advice on how to start over on raising an angry 2 year old. I give him my attention and love so he understands that there is no reason for his behavior. He can play and have fun without having to be sad or upset. We go to the park almost everyday so he can learn to play nice with other children. Hes improved on that. He used to kick and push and spit in other kids faces but I always had to pull him aside to teach him that its not ok behavior. In the process of all of this there is also a 10 month old, He is a good baby. I love these boys like they were my own. I need all the advice I can get to this new world of parenting!!

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Just keep doing what you're doing. Be consistent with your rules and your discipline and his behavior will continue to change for the better. Parenting is never easy, but it's definitely more difficult in a situation like yours. My aunt is a foster parent and I've seen her deal with children from all sorts of terrible backgrounds. What I learned from watching her is that ss long as you love the kids and are consistent in your parenting the behavior will get better.
You are doing the right thing. Teach him to use his words for his feelings. If someone has a toy he wants teach him to ask "Can I have that when you are done?" and if he is having a tough moment with a lot of anger take him away from that situation and give him a quiet space to cool down. Getting him out and active is also good for his over all well being as it will help bring down some of the energy that goes with anger. You are doing a good job keep it up!
Thank you ladies! This honestly helps a lot!! :)
Thank you ladies! This honestly helps a lot!! :)

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