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How do i stop my 7 year old son from stealing??

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My 7 year old has been caught stealing over and over again.He has stold money from us,money from his little sisters school fundraiser,stold candy bars from school fund raiser.We have tried everything from calling the cops to grounding and he will not stop.Any suggestions on what we can do??

answers (4)

tell him that theres a kid jail and if he steals then the cops will take him to the kid jail and he will have to stay there 2 years
Yeah probably not the best idea, IMO.Just watch him like a hawk. And whenever you catch him stealing something, make him pay for it and go back to whomever he stole it from and apologize. The public shame might make him think about what he does. The most important thing is to make sure that he, himself, is financially responsible for EVERYTHING he takes. If he doesn't have the money himself to pay for something he's stolen that cant be returned, make him pay you back for it. And don't allow any extras, like candy or any little treats you may buy him, until he has no debt.
I like MontanaGirl response but I would also go on the extreeme (i've done it and it's worked and hasn't worked).1)take the door off his room until he stops stealingJAND2)take things from his room every time he takes something from somebody else (if he does take something from somebody else make him apologize) then give him the items back once he EARNS them back OR3)take him to a behavior specialist and a conslor-maybe there is something going on that you all dont know about
i would try taking him to counseling, i would also take him to the police station and tell the police whats going on and leave him there in a holding cell for a couple of hours. i have a cousin whos son hit her and thats what she did. her son was so scared he never did it again. you need to stop this now because he will end up in jail. the law isnt quite as forgiving as you are.

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