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How do I stop my daughter hitting and pushing other kids.

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My 2 1/2 year old daughter hits and pushes other kids while playing in the park or during play dates.She plays nice with children who are much older than she is but gets frustrated with kids who are younger or the same age.She doesn't want to share her toys or slides in the play park.She will push if somebody will stand near her. I've tried time outs and explaining her this is not a way we behave even if somebody will pass her without waiting for their turn to use slides or other equipment.I told her she should use words to communicate.We made a chart where we put stickers if she behaves good but nothing seems to work.I don' know what else I can do.

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try telling her that if she continues to bully the other kids then you won't bring her back to the park/playground for _____time...tell her this before letting her loose and at the 1st instance take her home and enforce the new rule and once at home explain to her again why she had to leave the park and how she can earn a trip back to the park....

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