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How do I teach my husband proper etiquete?

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My husband is the sloppiest eater I know. Chews with his mouth open, talks while hes eating, will reach across somebodies plate for the serving dish, never says please or thank you, etc. I know exactly why, his mother is the same way. It is clear that she didn't take the time to teach her son how to eat without grossing out everybody else at the table. In fact, I don't even think she knows herself. I can't take much more of this. I most definitely will not allow my daughter(I'm due in July) to eat like her father. Its disgusting! But how do you reprimand a grown man? Should I just correct him every time he does something wrong, that is what I have been doing but I feel like I'm nagging and ruining dinner for both of us. Please help!

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I suggest you and him see a theripist
Why? What could a therapist possibly do for us?
HE will help you that is what i did
Perhaps my question was misleading, my husband and I do not have marital issues. We have a very happy relationship. He is fully aware of how he eats, and trys very hard to be better. My real question is how can I help him?
Oh sorry ummm i did this to my husband and he stopped eating like that.  get him a bib go to: then he might stop of embaressment.  but only put it on when you have company
I wouldn't be the nagging wife. :) My husband hates when I nag.Try talking to him with his daughter as the focus. Every dad wants to raise a little princess and she won't be a respected, well rounded lady if she eats like he does. Its good that he is aware of the way he eats. Tell him his little girl will look to him and copy what he does...does he really want her to eat like him?Also begin praising the things he does do right. Build him up. Women are great at tearing down our men and making them feel more like women than the men they are supposed to be.If he is trying ...make sure you let him know you see his effort and are proud of him. (don't act motherly- he prob won't appreciate that either) Men like to know their women and family are relying on them for leadership and maturity.. make sure he knows that.
Redstilts, thank you! I also hate being the nagging wife. Your words were exactly what I needed.

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