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How do I tell my bf of less than 3 months that I'm pregnant?I'm scared

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I'm on the pill, but it's a generic one. I was on an antibiotic for a week because of a sinus infection. I don't know if those things factor into this at all but I am really afraid of his reaction. Everything has been perfect thus far! I don't know what to do. I don't know how or when to tell him...I have a history of miscarrying so should I just wait until the 2nd trimester? I am kind of freaking out. We are adults, in our 30s, but we are both going to school and he is going through a divorce and already has a 4 yr old. Yes, I know we're idiots but I really thought we were covered bc of me being on the pill.

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Take a deep breath.. & go with yur 1st mind.. yur not idiots everything happens for a reason & every pregnancy & bby is a gift! definitly tell him when yu are secure within yurself not only about accepting his reaction but also about the chances of a miscarriage (sry to hear abt those) but yu have another month til yur second trimester so if yu need to take time to think about yur approach, the pros & the cons of telling him then do that bcuz @ the end of the day its all about yu & bby =) but also stay optimistic! maybe he will react in a pos. way that yu wont expect! good luck ;)
Antibiotics can make birth control not work properly.Relationships are based on trust, so I think you should tell him sooner rather than later. If you do end up having a miscarriage you might need his support. I'm sorry you are going through this, but I wish you luck with the man and the pregnancy:)
I agree with Kimmieapples. I think you should tell sooner rather then later. Like you said you are both adults. & no I dont think you guys are idiots. & even if you tell him but end up having a miscarriage he's going to want to know why youre upset & whats wrong. & tha prolly wouldnt be the best time to tell him. But dont just take my opinion his is your choice on when to tell him. If you need to sit down somewhere by yourself & relax. Then write out a list if pros & cons to telling him now & another to telling him later. i hope his helps. be strong.
sweetie, you need to just grow a pair, and tell him. i understand that you are afraid, and nervous, but he needs to know.
honey i just found out that im pregnat and i was on the depo shot. sometime the pill and the shots just arent stronge enough for the person whose taking it. You have to remember it takes 2 people to make a baby and its not your fualt.  i know im only 22 but i has scared to tell my husband that i was pregnant but after i told him he was ok with it.
I'm also on the depo shot-- And I suspect I'm pregnant-- I'm having the same problem as you, I don't want to tell my boyfriend either, and him and I hae only been dating for 2 and a half months. I tell him there will be 2 reactions, hes ok with it, or he runs. in my case he runs, im on the streets with a baby in my belly. I'm only 17, my parents kicked me out 3 weeks ago, and I'm scared to death to tell him knowing theres 2 ways to his reaction. But sat back and thought about it for a good while, and realized that i should take the test before I tell him. But i figured he better know sooner than later so im telling him when his show is over. try to relax, if he cares for you and your relationship is strong-- then he should understand and stand by your side..
Even though this wasn't planned, you may want to look at this more as a blessing than a burden. I know this can't be easy for you, but either way he has the right to know. This is as much his baby as it is yours. Besides you never know how a man will react. He may just surprise you and be thrilled about it. If his reaction is something other than that, than obviously you'll have to ask yourself if this is a relationship worth continuing. I've had to tell a man I dated about an unplanned pregnancy. We were teenagers at the time, and even though we decided to give our child up for adoption, we only survived by leaning on each other and are now married with a baby of our own. Either way you'll find out if he's a man who can stand by you, and that's an important factor in any relationship. I really wish you guys the best and may God be with you and your baby.

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