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How do I tell my boyfriend I might be pregnant?

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Me? I am 29, mother of a beautiful 6 year old daughter. I found out I was pregnant with her at 4 months and was already split from her father. I got pregnant when I was on the Pill (missed a dose by a few hours and voilà) Him? He is 31, father of a 7 year old son who lives with his ex-girlfriend. But he also doesn't see his son because he is diagnosed with mental illness and trying to get himself better to be able to be the father his son deserves as well as being able to handle his ex-gf who has been all kinds of mentally and emotionally abusive over the past 10 years, especially since they broke up 4 years ago. Us? 9 months together (this time... we have been on/off for 2 years). Neither wants/ed more kids, and happy to agree on that. I have been depressed and stressed for months with various events in my life (parents separation, dads cancer, car towed - my fault, car impounded - his fault and mine, my grandmother died, I graduated university) so my attention to contraception has been iffy at best. A week ago I noticed my breasts are larger and tender, my appetite has changed. I have the urge to drink and smoke less most days (good things but noticeably concerning). I have taken a home test but can't bring myself to look at it and I can't fathom telling him because I know how much he wont want this and I am scared that his mental state will deteriorate... and once his family find out.. his brother is going to "kill me" so to speak (he has already warned my bf "about me" and how I "treat men"... his interpretation of a messy few years). Advice please?

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look at the test dummy

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