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how do i toddler proof a 2nd fl loft area? the wall is 4ft from floor.

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We have a 2nd floor landing with a big open space that over looks the 1st floor. The wall only comes up about 4ft. Eventually my toddler is going to figure out how to climb up there. I want to block off that area without calling too much attention to it. What product or advice can I use to toddler proof this space?

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a giant gate. my husband made custom gates out of the crib. we used the front of the crib as a gate to block the kitchen, and made a swinging door from the sides, then added a lock. i used the other side of the crib for a gate in front of the door that is used for her bedroom and the bathroom right next to it. hope this helps. sorry no one else has been able to answer until now. good luck.

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