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how do u feel about the name tracey for a boy?

7 answers
My fiance really wants to name our child tracey, after his best friend who passed away last year, this man was like a father to him. we arent sure what the sex of our child is yet, as i am only 7 weeks pregnant, but he really wants to name our baby tracey, whether its a boy or girl, any suggestions to this name or a middle name to go with each??

answers (7)

i like the name tracey and its good to have names that have a good meaning or mean something to the parents i like tracey colin or tracey emmett i think they are both good names for a boy and for a girl tracey amber or tracey leah is pretty good luck! deciding on a name 
thanks oceana, if it is a boy i think the middle name will most likely be neil, because thats my fiances middle name. if its a girl, i would like a middle name with a j because my little girls name is madison jade and i kind of want to stay with that initial, any suggestions
the middle name should come from some one you care about. My name is Necia Anne. Necia comes from many women on my mother's side of the family and Anne comes from my dad's sister who raised him, Deborah Anne. It's special because both sides of my family are represented.
I think names that have special meanings are great to use, beats all the fad names that eventually fade or your child ends up in a class with 5 girls or boys with the same name!  If you have a boy, I would use a very masculine middle name, since Tracey is unisex. I love the name Neil, but if you have any family names that start with J - TJ is a cute nickname! Good luck!
Name the baby what makes you happy. Tracey is both gender. Just look at all the male Tracey country singers! And if anyone compains just say you were going to name the baby Apple. Sometimes you have to be a smarty pants for people to butt out.
if it's a boy, then you can almost guarantee a future sex change operation. why the hell would you name a boy tracey? if the name means that much to you, then why not change your own name to tracy? if you name a little boy tracy, he will be tormented for the rest of his life. check out the song, a boy named sue by johnny cash.
HIs friend, who is now dead, doesn't care.  If you have a boy, then he will suffer for a lifetime.  The choice seems obvious.

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