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How do you answer your 7yrs old question, "Mommy, what is sex?"-HELP!

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It is when a boy and girl try to make a baby. Simple like that or go into detail. You know your kid best but remember to give her the detailed talk before she hits puberty. And don't be shy when you give her the detailed talk.
Hmmm... 7 is a little young for the big birds and bees talk, I think.  I would keep it very simple, like 'when a grownup man and a grownup woman love each other very much, sometimes when they are alone they touch each other in a certain special way that feels nice.  This certain touching is called sex. When you get to be a little older, we will talk about this again and I will give you more information, but in the meantime, you can always ask me any questions you may have'. 
Yeah, my mom had to answer that question early with me too. When I was 6 I saw two Sea Lions doing something "weird" at the Miami Sea Aquarium and I wouldn't let up about wanting to know what exactly they were doing, I knew they were doing something other than "just playing."My mom later told me how it takes a mommy and a daddy to make a baby. Pinkpaisley8709 is right about showing a book, my mom showed that to me while having the talk too. I'm pretty sure it was called "Where did I come from?" "Where did I come from?" also comes as a video cartoon which is what my mom showed my sister. It explains facts very simple and straight about the parts of a man's and a woman's body and how they make babies. Children associate a lot of what they learn from what they see. I reccomend a book or video, totally appropriate for the talk.
I like AAWM`s answer! Just say its when mommy and daddy make a baby! Great idea, Im sorry I just think that 7 years old is way too youg for the birds and the bees! She probably heard the term from school or an older family member...who knows? Regardless, she only knows the word, so explain it as SIMPLE as possible!
I would be simple but still be honest.
Exlplain that sex when a husband and wife want to have a baby together, and to have "sex" you need to touch each other while naked.
I think you should say sex is when a boy and a girl like eachother a lot and when they are alone they take off all there clothes, go under a thin white sheet so we don't get cold and they will kiss and touch eachother in places like boobies, vaginia and penis your never to young to learn.and when they touch eaxhother they get really confertable, and they kindof sit on eachother. But it feels really good and you don't want to stop. If they ask what boobs vaginia and penis's are explain to your kid a boob is this and show him/her. Vaginia is this, show him. A penis is that.

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