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How do you cope with sexting?

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Being an IT specialist and mother I study online dangers every day. While for a very long time cyberbullying was my primary concern, I now understand that there is much more to watch out for. Online predators are definitely among the most disgusting and terrifying issues I have thought of. But after talking to several moms on another parenting platform I understood that I was missed one little but crucial problem – sexting. Apparently, kids send each other sexually explicit messages which they later share throughout social media websites. Logically, sexting is followed by cyberbullying, and cyberbullying in its turn is one if the top suicidal factors among teenagers. I know that once the image is online, it leaves a digital footprint that can never be deleted. So the obvious answer is to educate kids about online usage and monitor their online usage. After talking to several moms online, I learned that most of them either monitor their kids online usage or allow children to use smartphones under strict supervision. I am not sure I have the time to supervise my kiddos and once they are 14-15 it would be super silly to do so. I have found several apps that allow SMS and IM chats monitoring to prevent sexting: this website ( and this one for PC ( If you use any of these or others, please help me out, It has been almost a week since I am trying to find the right one.

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