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How do you deal with stress?

3 answers
So... We're trying to buy a house, my car just broke down, and we're preparing to send two of our three kids back to school. Stress overload! How do you deal?

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Well I work at dairy queen and take my daughter with me. Its stressful and hard because my husband is in the army and hes home now because his bravery got him a bullet in his right arm. So therefore i dont get help with my daughter raising kids is hard but i think if you can plan a spa day or girls day out it would be less stressful
Gather up your lady friends and have lunch with them and without hubby or kids. Do something just for you.
Get out!  I found out an hour away from the house makes me miss my family.  If you can't afford to do anything pricey, just go for a walk or read a book in the park or chat with a friend.  It's amazing :)  Good luck!

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