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How do you deal with unsolicited parenting advice?

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My baby isn't even born yet and I'm already feeling overwhelmed with unsolicited parenting advice from family members. I understand they might have more experience than me (first time mom) but I need to learn as a first time mom just like they did!

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There's something about a baby bump that makes everyone (even strangers) feel the need to tell you exactly what they think you should do with your baby. If it's family and they are doing it often enough to make you feel overwhelmed, tell them. Family should always understand. I'm sure they have the best of intentions, and don't realize how much it bothers you. I always just listened to the advice and smiled polietly as they explained every detail. Soon they will be so busy cooing over that sweet baby, they won't care about giving you unwanted advice.
I too was SO tired of the unwanted advise. I worked with the public while I was pregnant and once my belly started to show, oh man did I get bombarded with "advise". I even had a man I had never met before tell me that I should rub a dry cloth on my nipples to get ready to breastfeed! Awkward!!! I got so tired of it that I know I gave many dirty looks and rude comments.I was honest with my family and told them I appreciated the advise but I had enough.    
My MIL loves to tell me all kinds of nuggets of child-rearing wisdom. Most of what she tells me are things that my OB and then the peditrician said NOT to do. She even told me it was okay to have a beer or two every once in a while when I was pregnant. !?!?!?! So, I always listen to her, but I don;t respond much. she'll never know that I don't follow her advice in my own home.
get used to it sweetie, your going to be dealing with this until your child goes off to college, and probably even after that. 12 hours after my daughter was born, i was lying on the hospital bed with my baby asleep on my chest. the nurse came in and said, "you don't need to let her get used to falling asleep on you like that! your spoiling that baby!" i looked her dead in the eye and said, "my baby is only 12 hours old. how the hell can i spoil her at this age!?!? oh, by the way did i tell you that i'm psychic? i see a black eye and broken nose in your immediate future if you don't leave this room right now!"  she was shocked to say the least, but i was in no mood. needless to say, she had a different nurse attend to me and my baby after that.

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