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How do you feel being the only child, was it OK or wished a sibling

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We are trying to see if it's Ok for our son to be the only child. We love him so much and if it's better for him to have a brother or sister, we will try to have another baby. We went through invitro to have him 3 years ago and had an unsucessfull invitro 4 months ago. I am not sure if I should try one more time or just let it go. Thank you for your responses.

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I was an only child, however i did have 3 half-siblings that lived w/ my dad and their mom that i visited (but rarely). As of a few months ago, i've been trying to become closer to my half-siblings as i have always wished for that "sibling bond." I've always wished for a sibling, but being 22 years old now, i have to live w/ it. Other than the wishing for a sibling though, i had a good life. My two best friends throughout elementary school were an only child as well, and i think that our friendship was as close as it could get to having siblings :)  To really answer your question though, my life as an only child WAS ok, but only so, however i had other family issues that i'm sure wouldn't apply to your son, b/c my other issues w/ my family didn't make it any easier. Anyway, i think if you can live with having only one child, then i'm sure he'll be fine, i would just try to make sure he had other close friendships w/ kids his age or close to his age (like what i had w/ my two best buds). If you are already trying and WANT to continue, then i say go for it! I'm sure invitro is probably a HUGE strain on your body, so if you're doing this just for him and not for yourselves as well, i'd say it'd be safe to wait unless he shows signs of wanting a "live-in" companion. :) hope my answer helps. lol
I have 4 other siblings (full halves) and I have to say I wouldn't have changed it for the world! I loved having so many playmates. My friends that are only children often mention how lucky others are that have a brother or sister.My opinion is to keep trying.On the other side doing the invitro thing is probable taking alot out of you and your family. That's alot to deal with not only physically but mentally as well. I think you just need to really listen to what you want. What does your husband/partner say? Your son will live with what you guys decide. 
I am an only child. My parents remain married to this day so I never had any half siblings or step siblings. It was just me.As a child, it was not bad at all. As an adult, I wish for a sibling. When I was a child I was always surrounded by friends. I had several neighborhood friends and friends from school and daycare. I did not feel like I was lacking anything.As an adult, I wish for a sibling. I see the connection my husband has with his brothers and I wish I had that for myself at time.I say if you are happy with your one child, then stop there. Just be sure to keep him invloved in social activities and allow him to have friends over frequently. Do your best to keep him social and well rounded. He may turn out a little spoiled, but what child isnt? :-)
i have 5 sisters and 2 brothers but they are all older then me so when i was little they were all grown so i was kinda like an only child and i always wanted a baby brother or sister but my mom said she was done having kids because she already had as many as she wanted and so i always wanted one but it was also very fun getting whatever i wanted because she only had to buy for one kid on christmas and spend all of her time with me so i think there are positives and neggitives about both and your son will be happy either way
I am a only child as well, my half siblings we're much older and i hardly even got to see them more than once a year. The good things about it were, i had the full attention and whatever i wanted and i didnt have to share.. but now that i am a adult.. i love my brothers and sisters and talk to the often.. I want my child to be able to feel that bond i never had with my siblings which is why we were trying for baby # 2 :)) and thankfully got pregnant right away.. so My little baby will be a big brother in a short 7 months  or so :))

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