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how do you figure out what your child needs everytime they cry

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even if you try everything you can think ok. when does it comes naturally. when does it sink in that you are a mom. that you actually want to be with your child instead of wanted to be at work.

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It's a hard time.  But you will get it.  The longer your with your kid the easier it will be.  My son is almost a year, and sometimes nothing I do is what he wants.  give your self time and be patient.  They don't know how to tell you what's wrong.  If you check everything and nothing is wrong, try to just rock them and love them, if they still fight, put them in the crib and let them scream it out.  Don't let it get to you.  I know it's hard. 
sometimes babies just need to cry. after all, that's the only way they have of communicating. it's perfectly fine to let them cry when nothing else seems wrong. being a mother is not an easy. one of the hardest things you will go through is to hear your baby cry, when there is nothing you can do about it. you'll get the hang of it. take a breather or time out if you feel your blood boiling.
Agreed Pinkpaisley.  Sometime we just put our son in his crib when he's like that and step outside where its harder to hear him, and we sit there for a few minutes and just take a "mommy/daddy time out"  If I know nothing is wrong, it breaks my heart when I can't make him stop or soothe him.  Nobodys words could ever prepare me for how hard being a mom is.... but I love every minute of it.  
 I don't know how old your baby is, but my daughter's pediatrician told us that starting at 4-6 weeks babies will fuss for no reason...they just fuss. Just remember that if they could babies would tell us what is wrong, but since they can't they have to cry. I remind my boyfriend of this all the time when he gets frustrated and asks, "what am I doing wrong?" And I'll tell him, nothing...she's a baby and maybe she is grumpy and she's telling you about it.I think once you get into a routine with baby you will enjoy motherhood. The first few weeks were very hard for me and I thought I was not cut out for motherhood. I loved my baby fromt he moment I saw her, but I think that love was cemented when she was about four weeks old and I had her in bed next to me and we were just gazing into each others eyes.
Go through the checklist:1) Fed?2) Burped?3) Upset tummy? Need some simethicone drops or something similar? My strictly nursed babies still needed these drops.4) Diaper changed?5) Diaper rash?6) Too hot? (many people overdress/overbundle their babies)7) Overtired, and thus needs more assistance going to sleep? (too much stimulation makes them cranky, too)8) Any clothes or diaper binding or pinching? (we all accidently do things in the middle of the night that we wouldn't do when we are wide awake!)If all of those things are okay, then try walking with a slight bounce, or rocking, or putting the baby in a swing and trying both low and high settings. Put on soothing music (which helps you, too!) and either walk or rock or alternate between them. Talk or sing very softly and soothingly. They are used to hearing your muffled voice!Some newborns need to be swaddled to stop crying, but if they like their hand next to their face then be sure to leave it out!If you are nursing, just because you nursed 20 minutes ago does not mean that they definitely got full and aren't hungry again.  My daughter at about 6 weeks started feeding almost continuously from 7 pm to midnight, with only short breaks in between sides (this is called "cluster feeding"), BUT then she slept for 5 straight hours!  I loved this because I got solid, uninterrupted sleep and I went back to work when she was 2 months old. It was hard when I was figuring out what she was trying to do, but thankfully had an understanding husband who just let me figure it out and didn't tell me, "oh she CAN'T still be hungry" when she started crying again.Having support is so very important and will help you enjoy motherhood more. Don't take the crying personally - as others have said, it's just your baby's way of communicating with you. And, if you carefully watch for the early signs of hunger (grunting, mouthing, turning toward your hand when you stroke their cheek) or diaper wetting or poopy diaper and respond before the wails begin, then your baby will quickly learn that they don't have to start off with the full out wail, and you will both be happier.Some babies simply need more holding and my second baby really did better when I got the Maya wrap and wore him all the time. This also freed up my arms and saved my back! We were both happier.And, by all means, if no one else is around to hand the baby to (even a good neighbor), and you feel yourself getting angry or frustrated with the baby (everyone has at one time or another), then DO put the baby in a safe place (swing or crib) and separate yourself from the crying for a few minutes until you calm back down.You will get the hang of it and you will enjoy motherhood and your baby sooner than you can possibly imagine. Their little smiles and coos make it all worthwhile! The day that your child is a toddler and is finally able to say, "I love you, Mommy" will simply make you melt and make your heart want to bust from being so absolutely full!

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