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How do you get a 7 yr old to stop writing on walls?

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Our son just started writing on our walls and then takes about 20 minutes of lying before he admits it (only child). He never did anything like this up until a few weeks ago and it has no happened about 4 times. We took things away and punished him, but to no avail. We are at our wits end and it is very upsetting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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My advice is to stop putting him in a position of lying. You know he did it. He knows he did it. Rather than taking things away, figure out a way he can do what he needs to do in a way that is acceptable! Consider getting some chalkboard paint, and designating a wall that he CAN draw on! You will: End the lying, build connection, help him feel happier, help you feel happier. Punishment doesn't help him get his needs met. Plain and simple!

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