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How do you handle gift suggestions?

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My inlaws are asking what my kiddo wants for christmas? Should I swing for the fences or keep it reasonable?

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In the past I've just made wish lists at Target or Toys R Us. All of our family is out of state so they have to send a gift no matter what. I'll put a variety of gifts and clothes on the list and people can choose to buy whatever they want. If they choose something expensive or to buy a lot of gift, awesome! If not, that's ok too. This year we're seeing that our kids have a ridiculous amount of toys, so we're keeping things reasonable and only asking for one thing from each family member that is appropriate for their budget. For example, my Grandma is on a tight budget so she's just making curtains for the kids bedrooms. It's something they need and she can save money by sewing them herself. So...If you're asking in person, I would keep it reasonable, or on the upper end of reasonable unless they have money and you know they are happy to spend lots of money.

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