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How do you handle not knowing the sex?

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My husband doesn't want to know the sex until we have the baby. I do. But I know that there is no way I could know & he not end up finding out somehow. So I figure I just won't find out. Has anyone else had to do this? Or has anyone known but not tell the other person? I think it would be hard to bring home pink or blue things & not ruin it for him.

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My husband didn't want to know when we had our first, but I convinced him that it's better to know. I knew that if we had a girl (which we did) we'd both want a lot of pink clothes and things for her, we wouldn't want her in green and yellow for months. He agreed, so we found out. We agreed that if we had a girl and a boy we'd let the third baby be a surprise since we'd already have everything we needed for each gender. But, now that we're having our third baby he convinced me to find out, even though I was really excited for a surprise. (My pregnancy symptoms made it pretty obvious I was having another girl though!) He knew that even though I had a really cute gender neutral nursery picked out, that I'd want to paint it pink immediately if we had a girl. So even though I didn't want to know I found out. And he was right. We're having another girl and I definitely want everything pink and girly!People are very divided on this issue, but my opinion is that finding out makes everything (from shopping to picking out names) so much easier. There will still be plenty of surprises and meeting your baby will be just as special if you know the gender beforehand.
Some of my good friends were in the same predicament. He wanted to know and she didn't. Well, he found out and was actually able to keep his wife from finding out! He bought things but he took them to their storage and she just didn't go there. He said it really wasn't that hard to keep it a secret because he knew she didn't want to find out until the birth. 

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