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How do you keep a bedtime when your toddler throws up all the time?

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My son has figured out that when he doesn't want to go to bed or take a nap, he can stick his fingers down his throat and throw up. When this happens, we clean him up and bring him back downstairs so he doesn't do it again. How can we make this stop so we can gain control over bedtime again?

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try putting him in time out everytime he does this hope this helps!
He's only 16 months old.....would that work?
After you clean him up, remind him it's bedtime and take him straight back to bed. If he vomits again, do the same thing and so on. This will teach him that throwing up won't get him out of bed.Be sure to have a routine to help him wind down so that he will be ready to sleep at bedtime.
I would clean him and the bedding up as quickly and quietly as possible - preferably without removing him from his crib and room.  Then kiss him goodnight and put him back to bed.  He's not going to do something as unpleasant as making himself throw up if he doesn't gain anything from it. 
My son use to do the same thing after my husband left for Iraq. I talked to his doctor and she said that if he doesn't get sick on himself to let it go and ignore him and clean it up when he falls asleep. He is only doing it because he is getting a reaction from you and gets out of his room. I tried it and within a few days he stopped doing it and would lay in his bed and go right to sleep. Hope this helps.
Both my son and my daughter had this issue. Unfortunately, we didn't realize it until my daughter came along that, even though they both put their fingers in their mouths, the throwing up wasn't intentional. Talk about mommy guilt with the older one! Rather it was a food sensitivity that caused an upset tummy. With my daughter it was mac and cheese that did it every time, as soon as she lay down. It was worse if either one was overstimulated before bed.Since your son is just 16 months and has probably been introduced to a few new foods recently, my suggestion would be to make sure this isn't the problem, first. If that's not the issue, then remember that at 16 months his long term memory is not developed well, so any discipline would need to be very consistent and repetitive. Personally, I like the quiet clean up, quick hug, and right back to bed approach. This way he knows that it's still bed time. A time out would just keep him up longer...and really isn't all that effective at this age. Just my two cents.

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