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How do you know when it is time for you to quit working, when expectin

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I am a cashier at a gas station. I am 6 months along. I have been trying to avoid lifting heavy things at work and bending over so much, so that I don't do anything to hurt the baby or me. But now I've been having carpel tunnel in both hands and pain in my lower back (plus, to top it off, fighting a sinus infection). Both are getting very intense and making it diffucult to do my job. And to make matters worse, we are shorthanded now and I am forced to work 6 days/week instead of 5 days. Really worried that I am going to get myself too stressed out working this much, cause I am already burnt out from working at this place for 3 straight years. I am wondering when should I say enough is enough.

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It all depends on you and your situation. When I was pregnant with my first baby I had to quit four months into my pregnancy because my morning sickness was so bad. I was planning on being a stay at home mom anyway so it wasn't a big deal. I haven't worked since. If you are able to stop working without having financial issues you can quit any time you're ready. If you need the money and are planning on working after you have your baby you should probably keep working.
I was a cashier at a grocery store while I was pregnant and I worked up until 2 days before I delivered. It was very hard and I was exhausted but I wanted as much maternity leave with my baby as possible. It was a little easier on me though because everyone I worked with wouldn't let me lift anything heavy at all. Don't push yourself too hard and if you feel like you might be then talk to your doctor.
If you are going to be depending on the extra cash and are going back to work after you have your little one, perhaps you should think about staying at your work. I worked up until I was 37 weeks, and that was only by the doctor’s orders because I was already at 3 cm. If it wasn’t for that, I would have kept working until my due date. But only you know how much you can handle, and definitely do NOT do any heavy lifting or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

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