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how do you know you're pregnant?

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pregnancy before you know how do know syptoms

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Syptoms are frequent urination, highten sense of smell, nausea, tender or/and swollen breasts, darkening areola, missed period. Are the main ones, I think I got them all. Now those can happen not everyone  expereince syptoms until they miss a period by days or weeks. If you think you are pregnant then you can go buy a home test and check that way. The other ways to know is by going to the doctor.
there are aot of symptoms..most of which i havent had..i knew i was prego before i even took a test or missed my period..i was driving one day and was like omg im prego..took a test 1 day before my mmissed my period and it was positive..only had tender breasts for a month , no morning sickness at all..MOMMADUCK was right on all the symptoms but u always just may know in ur heart. if u have  late period take a home test..if u havent got ur period ina week or two and the home test came back neg go to the doc for them to do a blood tet.some ppl dont tst positive on the home test..god luck!
you take a pregnancy test!
The only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test.
Take a test just to be sure.  It is the only way to really know :) 
Swollen breasts wern't my first sign either. My first indication was a severe, and I mean SEVERE headache accompanied by such horrible nausea I thought I was going to fall over. Symptoms are different for everyone, Some women don't even get symptoms so it's not something I would rely on.A pregnancy test usually gives an accurate result, but a doctor can tell you for sure. ;-)

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