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How do you start a conversation about race with your biracial child?

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I am a single mother to my awesome 8 year old son. My sons father has never been involved and never will be. We've had the conversation about why he doesn't have a dad when some of his other friends do. But the time is approaching quickly for a conversation about his race. I want to approach the conversation in a way that gives him confidence about his heritage, both the white and black sides. I don't want to have this talk after he comes home from school upset about a comment someone else has made. He asked me the other day why he couldn't have straight hair like me, and I awkwardly answered because some people have curly hair. He used to love his hair and that it was curly. I realized then that I need to talk with him about this sooner rather than later, in a way that helps him. However, I have no idea how to start this conversation. Do you have any tips?

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