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everyone tells me to start taking the prenatal vitamins when trying to have a baby but i don't understand why. I know you are suppose to take them when you are pregnant so you and the baby will get the extra vitamins. Is there some kind of secret vitamin that helps u get prego faster or something? i am kind of embarrassed to ask this....

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well im 7 months preganat in i just its helps them grow or makes there bones strong idk the best way is to ask ur obgyn umm dont be embarrassed to ask dat if u r tryin to get preganat just have sex alote with ur boyfriend cuz takein the vitamins by its self my harm ur boby with out a baby in its u no im not sure
The reasons in taking prenatal vitatmins if you are trying is the same reason that you take them when you are. They give your body the extra help and boost that it will need to support that little life growing in you. When you know and are trying its good to give the extra boost to your babys overall health. But there's no extra or special secret.

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