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How to explain to a 3.5 y.o. boy how baby gets out of my tummy?

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My three and a half year old son has started asking how the doctor will get the baby out of my tummy. I do not want to lie to him. Please advise!!!

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just tell him that when you go to the doctor they cut your belly open and get the baby out then stich you up or the truth but it would be very difficult to explain to a 3 year old how the baby comes out of your vagina but you could just say that the baby comes out of your butt
If you don't want to lie to him then just don't. If you haven't discussed female anatomy with him, you could just tell him that mommies have special parts for babies to grow and come out of. Remember that whatever you tell him he probably won't remember when he is grown up. :) What he will recall is your willingness to talk and be honest about things. Good luck :)
do not tell him the baby comes out your butt! my little brother found our cat giving birth and my mom told him the kittens were coming out of her butt because she didn't want to explain what a vagins is and he walked up to anyone who would listen and told them how he saw our cat pooping out babies. avitoria had a very good answer. Only tell him what he can handle at his level of maturity and don't base that on his age. There were things my mom could tell me before I ever started school that she still can't tell my younger brother and he's nearly grown. If he has a habit of talking about bady parts in a nasty way, I wouldn't go into too much detail. If he handles those things fairly well, you could probably tell him a little more. Just remember to never lie to him or refuse to tell him things. It'll close him off to you so that he feels he can't tell you things when he's older. 
This is not hard.  Keep it simpel.  Answer the question he asks. Tell him that the baby grows inside mommy from being teeny tiny to about this big.(show with your hands) The baby grows and grows until it is big enough and strong enough to be born. When the baby is big enough, Mommy (and Daddy) will go to the hospital. Mommy will push and push and push some more for the baby to come out.( you can hold your breath and say push as though you really were pushing) Then out comes the baby. The Dr will give the baby a checkup ..just like you have when the Dr checks you.  You will be get to come to the hospital to see your new baby sister (brother). You will be a Big Brother and that is very important.If he does need more exact information.. go ahead and tell him that the  baby comes out the vagina.  All girls have a vagina so that babies can be born.Keep it simple..  only answer what is asked.  No need to lie. This is an inquisitive time and a special time for you all.Enjoy  and Keep it simple.          

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