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How far along am I?

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Hi! My husband and I have three children (4 to 8) and we just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant! We weren't planning to be again, but we welcome the surprise. :) My doctors office has a two week policy from the time you call for the first prenatal check. boo! So I was wondering if any of you would know the answer to this: I was on the shot a few years back for about a year and a half and ever since then my periods have been out of whack. For about a year they were every 30-36 days, then all the sudden it has been 8 weeks between periods! So my last period started Jan 7th... but if I based it off that I would be like 9 weeks along! Could that be right?! I certainly don't feel that pregnant. I remember with the first three feeling pregnant by 9 weeks and I just don't feel it! Could the length of my cycle affect how far along I am??

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You can purchase a pregnancy test at a dollar store, pharmacy, or Walmart.

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