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How to get a 2 year old to sleep longer?

2 answers
He sleeps through the night goes to bed fine but wakes up too early and after a week of doing this his attitude and manor are affected. help i am expecting another boy in the beginning od march is this just a phase?

answers (2)

maybe just a phase. but make sure he is getting plenty of excersize and play throughout the day, also fresh air. maybe you should put him to bed later, and also not get him out of bed when he wakes up. maybe making him stay there he will fall back asleep. give him a box of quiet toys and books he is allowed to play with in bed when he wakes up. good luck!
There are clocks that look like a moon and then a sun based on when you set awake and sleepy times for.  Make a scheudle, and stick to it.  He will adapt just like you have gotten along learning how the sun works... even if you wish it was scheduled differently.

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