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How to get 3 1/2 year old to stop throwing tantrum at potty time?

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My almost 3 1/2 year old throws a tantrum, kicks, yells, throws himself on the ground, almost every time we try to get him to use the potty. We have tried potty training for almost 2 years (which sounds ridiculous but you'll see why we've had issues in the next paragraph)! We started early because he was interested in the potty and we thought it was going to work, but then he never got to the point of actually asking us to go to the potty. Now we have to fight him just to get him to sit on it. He's had behavioral/developmental problems since birth, nothing major, but he is hypersensitive and our doctor says he most likely has ADD (can't test him yet on that). That's why I haven't been obsessed with getting this training done, but the last six months I have and it seems like it just gets worse everyday. In generally, he's an overly emotional child. We've tried a lot of different methods (except for the one where he runs around the house without a diaper. I don't trust him on that). Any advice to stop the tantrums about going to the potty? And any advice on how to get him to stop playing and tell us he has to go to the potty?

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Try offering a reward for successful trips to the potty.
Try offering a reward for successful trips to the potty.

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