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How to get 7 1/2 month old to accept a bottle?

3 answers
My lil man is 7 1/2 months old and has been exclusivly breastfed. I have tried and tried and tried giving him a bottle but he just refuses. I know breastfeeding is best but I am ready to stop. My husband is not willing to help with the weaning process he says I am home with him all day everyday so I should be able to do it myself. Our families live 4 to 12 hours away. Yes, I have tried pumping but I can not pump enough after 15 min of pumping on each side I can only get 2 ounces. I have give him a sippy cup every day and he just plays with it. Any suggestions would help a great deal.

answers (3)

If your done then you need to be done.  Don't give him the choice of nursing.  It will take a few days for him to get use to the bottle, and he may not eat at all, but if you give in when he complains when you will never be done nursing.  Make sure he is getting plenty of solids so fill him up.  Also try different nipples so find something he likes best!  Good luck!
Try first years breastflow bottles. I had the same problem, until I purchased a few of these bottles. They have a 2 layered nipple and it's pretty realistic.
my son had the same problem. finally i quit cold turkey, but just during the day. that way he still had the nighttime comfort of nursing for a few more months, but learned pretty quick to eat during the day. after that it was easy to gradually exchange one nighttime nursing for a bottle at a time, untill he was completely switched over.

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