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How to get my 14 month old to eat table food?

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My son is a very picky eater and when I introduce foods to him, he turns his nose up at them. If I would let him he would gladly eat cookies or other sweets during meal time but when I try to intro meats and veggies he doesn't eat. Any tricks or suggestions to get him to eat some nutritious food? I want to try and stay away from an abundance of processed foods but I am battling it out right now and at times, even Spaghetti O's don't work. HELP!!

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Don't sweat it!!!!Kids go through stages like that. If he doesn't eat what is offered, he gets nothing. Being hungry for a bit may encourage him to eat what you want him to. My kids' doc always said that I, as the parent, should control what is being served, but that the kids should decide how much to eat. Bottom line is that your son will NOT starve himself. If you don't offer the sweets and processed food he will eat the good stuff. 
I took a muffin tray and filled each cup (a 6 cup one) with a different food.  I picked 3 nutritious foods that I knew they liked, for example, applesauce (fruit), whole milk yogurt (protein and dairy), and raisins.  The other 3 I would fill with things we were having for dinner, for example, pieces of steak, green beans, and bits of potato.  There was no pressure to eat anything, they could eat what they wanted.  If they didn't eat anything at all, that was fine too, but they didn't get junk.  A child that age won't starve themselves, it's a test of wills and them basically trying to be in control.  They realize they have a say in what goes in their mouths, and they'll use that control in any way that they can, up to and including not eating for awhile.  You can't give in though, this is the meal we're having, if you don't want to eat, then fine.  We don't have junk in the house, so it's not even an option for them.
it won't last forever. the trick is that when you start feeding solids when they are still babies, you start with veggies, and then introduce fruits. when that's all they know, that's all they are going to eat!

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