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How to get my 21 month old to sleep threw the night

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My son keeps waking up around 2-4 am every night!! I have to get up with him and give him milk and lay with him on the couch so he will go back to sleep in an hour!! I have tried letting him cry it out but that just turns into a gagging game and then I run to get him!! He's not wetting through he is just getting up! Maybe it's night terrors...not sure! He seems to find his passi/nuk and that doesn't even help him fall back to sleep! I am lucky if I get one full night of sleep. Since he was born the longest he has slept the full night lasted a week!!

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i read in a book to swaddle them they sleep longer but make sure he or she is only wearin a onesee
this is my first time bein preganat in im young but its also good to read the books ur get from ur ob gyn in they tell u all kinds of ways to make sure ur baby sleep throw the night good luck hopefully swaddlind him or her works or maybe she or he to hot try not to swaddle him or her just make sure there not to many thing in the crib in lay him on his back or side in support his head
I can definitely relate. My thirteen month old just started sleeping through the night a month ago (let's hope it sticks). We tried any and every method and nothing worked. What did help, however, was purchasing a noise machine for her room, which faces the street. It helps drown out the neighbors, car alarms, honking, etc. Maybe something is waking your son up that you are unable to hear from your room. Good luck!
I can completely sympathize because my 3 year old still doesn't sleep through the night! Only at home too. She sleeps for everyone else so its just me. If you find something that works let me know! Good luck :)
Try the ferber methed. I did this for 2 nights and my son ( who was 8 months old was waking up 2-3 times a night and would only fall asleep laying with me, then i would carry him to bed.) He was sleeping strait through 12 hours! I couldnt believe it. Its basically a nighttime routine, then put baby to bed. after 5 minutes you can go back in and say goodnight, love you, lay them back down and then leave. Repeat at 10 ( no touching or talking this time)then every 15 minutes until they fall asleep.
Getting him milk and going to the couch only reinforces this behaviour. By now he has learned to wake up and have his nightly routine.Swaddling or Ferberizing at this age will not work. If this happened to any of my kids (I have a 4 and 1 yo's) I'd try the following.  I'd move him to my room temporarily - put up a travel cot next to your bed (or get a mattress into his room). When he wakes in the night - I'd tell him to go to sleep, but won't pick him up. If you think he may be thirsty - give him a bit of water, NOT milk. I'd stroke him for a bit and lie back down.  He will not like it, so initially there will be a lot of crying. I'd keep talking to him in a low voice and stroke him a bit, and if you have to pick him up - do it for only a brief moment - of course you don't want him to get hysterical and gag. I think the key here is to reassure him that you are there for him, but that he needs to learn to sooth himself.  At 21 months he is old enough to self-sooth.  Changing learned behaviour at this age is not easy but possible.  This will not be easy and will take several difficult nights, but he'll need to learn that you mean business!  So far he's learned that if he cries long/hard enough, he'll get his way.  If you don't think that you can persevere, or that this is cruel - better not try.  He may eventually grow out of it. I have a friend whose daughter woke up almost every night for over 3 years - when she woke up in the middle of the night she wanted a song and a story.  My friend couldn't stand to hear her cry, so she just went along with it.  Interestingly, when mom was away and grandparents were taking care of her - she miraculously slept through.  Now she is 4.5 and I think sleeps better – she gets very tired at school and it helps.Good luck!
i know what your going thur. my son was up every 3hr wanting food. hes a big boy he will b 2 this thurs and is 3feet tall and 32pds. what we did was make sure we was full b4 bed. And if you dont already get a schuled going. There are days were i just want to relize and sleep in but I have to be up at 7am. I get up and get ready for the day (like a shower and etc) then by no later then 8am am waking allan up to start hes day. we eat breakfast then its bath time. Then around 12:30pm -1pm I put him down for a nap. (which he dont do anymore) Then we go to bed no later then 10pm. if i dont work a nite that he wont take a nap i put him to bed around 9-9:30
I agree with nbogdan and would add this. Children of this age need to develop routines for bedtime and they need to be consistant. Some things that parents do are actually setting them up for this behavior. No human sleeps throught the night, this is a complete misnomer. We all go through sleep cycles moving in and out of the various cycles all through the night. As parents we put our kids to bed, maybe sit and read them a story until they are asleep. We then turn of the light and leave. Now when your child wakes up during the night, the situation has changed. They went to bed with a parent reading a cute story in a lit room. They wake up in a dark room all alone. Time to get up and cause a fuss. If you want to read them a story, read to them, but as soon as you notice that they're falling asleep say good night while they are still aware that you are leaving and turning out the light. Now they fall asleep in the same enviroment that they will wake up in. And they will wake up during the night, It's just a physiological fact for humans. It might be difficult at first, but keep at it. They will eventually quit disrupting your sleep.

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