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how to get my 23 month old lil girl from nursing??

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my lil one will be 2 in a month and im 21 weeks preg right now and i want and need her to stop any suggetions?? every onr ive talked to has said she needs to be done b4 baby gets here.

answers (5)

I am trying to switch to bottles with my daughter, shes not doing good she has cried the whole time. Just slowly get her to wean.
You probably should have started the weaning process a while ago because it can be difficult for some children and can take a long time. Since you don't have a whole lot of time before your baby is born you'll need to be more aggressive with how yo handle the situation. For now, I would pump and only offer milk in a sippy cup. You may need to try several different styles of cups to find one that your daughter likes. Once your daughter is used to drinking from sippy cups only you can stop pumping and can switch to cow's milk.
I have to stop nursing since I have sore breasts. My baby is very kind. He does not cry:) 
I think you daughter think and uses nursing as a comfort thing. Maybe try going to the store with her and picking out a special doll that she can cuddle.  You can sit and read with her and she can cuddle her doll. It will probably also be hard when the new baby come because she will not really understand why the baby gets to nurse. My daughter only nursed a year and had just turned 2 when he brother was born and she still asked to nurse.  You probably do not nurse that often right now. Maybe cut back to before bed and first thing in the morning for a week then take one of them away and the week after just stop. If your breast hurt too much try talking with her about getting done nursing. She is almost 2 so I am assuming she can verbalize a little bit with you. Just talk to her about other things she may like to do. You could also give her a sippy cup with milk or water and just hold her at times when she would normally nurse. I do not know how anyone could tandom nurse, those first weeks after baby is born are crazy and you are feeding the baby all the time I could not imagine a toddler also. I wish you luck in whatever works best for you and your daughter.
She definitely needs to be weaned before your baby is born. Breastmilk changes it's nutritional content based on your baby's needs. What your 2 year old is getting is not the same as what your newborn will need. Talk to your pediatrician about the best ways to wean.

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