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How to get my 5 1/2 mo old twins to sleep through the night again?

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Both of my twins had colic from about 2 weeks old to 2 months ond and then they both started sleeping through the night. Since 4 1/2 months to now (5 1/2 months) they wake up between 2-4 am to eat. We were putting them to bed around 9 but then they started getting tired earlier and crying. By 745 they like to be in the house getting changed and eating to go to bed. They are usually down between 815-9. We haven't changed anything for them to start waking up. Any ideas on how to get them to sleep through the night again?

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My twin girls did the same, which became an attention-getting routine I didn't enjoy, so my babydoc suggested what I call "sludge botles" just before bedtime. Some rice cereal in their bedtime bottle to keep them full & satisfied thru the night. Even tho not quite 6mos, and they we little babies, she ok'd it. I opened the bottle nipples a bit, made the liquid thicker, and they did ok. I also drank a glass of wine while they cried thru the transition :)
the previous poster, is dead on with the rice cereal in the bottle. i started that with my daughter when she was only 5 weeks. with the ok from her doc. i cut the nipples, also to allow it to flow a bit better. they need to be going to bed a bit ealier than 9pm. i would start the bedtime routine after dinner. give them a bath, pj's, brush their teeth, give them a sludgebottle, and read them a bedtime story. i know it may sound a little silly to have such a routine with babies at that age, but it works! they need to learn how to self soothe when they wake in the night, and it's time you let them start. they are perfectly capable of sleeping through the night, at this age, as well.  hope this helps.
how much rice did you use?
at that age, she would take a 10 oz. bottle with 3 tsp. of rice cereal in the bottle. cut the nipple a bit to allow the milk to flow better. make sure you stir it well, it works better at mixing all the powder (if using formula), rather than shaking.

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