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How To get My 8 Month Old To Not Be So Clingy

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dont Get Me Wrong I Absolutely Love It. She Has To Fall Asleep On Me I Cant Just Lay Her Down And Even When I Lay Her Down She Wakes Up In Like An Hour To Cuddle. But Unfortunately Im 21 Weeks Pregnant With Our Second And If I Cant Break My Daughter Of The Clingyness I Dont Know How Ill Be Able To Handle A Newborn And A 12 Month Old. Ive Tried Having My Sister Lay Her Down And My Husband But I Usually Have To Go In There Because She Will Get Hysterical To Where Tears Are Rolling Down Her Face And Snot Is Running Out Of Her Nose. It Makes Me Think Somethings Wrong Yet As soon As Im Holding Her She Just Smiles And Laughs. Please Help My Husband Works Nights So Theres Not Much He Can Do To Help Me

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Is your main concern getting her to sleep? It's not clear from your message. If it is, the best thing I found is to just get her used to sleeping in her crib by herself. Sit in a chair by her crib at bedtime. Soothe and comfort her without taking her out of her crib. Rub her back as long as she's laying down and stop if she gets up. She'll learn that she's supposed to sleep in her own bed and she'll get used to it. I also had my kids sleep with a special blanket and a LeapFrog Puppy Pal. They love to cuddle with the puppy and they love the music it plays. It only took a week or so to get each of my kids to go to sleep on their own.
Its Getting Her To Sleep On Her Own. Ive Tried To Just Sit By Her and Comfort Her But She Still Gets Hysterical Within Minutes. She Wont Lay Down Or Anything. I HAve To Pretty Much Pin Her Down In Order For Her To Lay. I Try Giving Her A Bottle And Her Passi And A teether And Nothing Works. Shes Nots Much Of A Cuddler For Toys And She Hates Sleeping With Blankets
Try having her spend more time in her crib during the day. Put her in there while you're cleaning her room and putting her clothes away. That way she'll get used to being in there and will feel comfortable being there without needing to be held. Give her a toy that attaches to the side of the crib like a piano or something so that she can see that the crib can be fun. After that you should have more success with getting her to sleep by herself. And honestly, sometimes it just takes sitting there for a couple of hours, even if your baby is crying. I had to do it with my son when he was 10 months old. I spent two hours straight trying to get him to sleep in his crib. I ended up crying just as much as he did because I was so tired and frustrated. It wasn't fun, but in the end he did it. Sometimes you just have to make sure you're more persistent and stubborn than your baby.
That Sounds Like A Good Idea. Ill Try That And Lets Hope It Works :) Thanks For The Advice
No problem. I know how difficult it can be! I love co-sleeping with my kids but it can occasionally make things difficult as they get older. But, a week or two of hard work and little sleep really pays off in the end!
If It Wasnt For Having Another Baby On The Way Id Be Fine With It. My Husband Practically Had To Force Me To Let Her Sleep In Her Own Room. She Slept In The Bed With Me Till She Was 4 Months And In Our Room Till She Was 6 Months. 
You can give her some toys and she will play with them. If you find she is interested in these toys, you can take a breath, since you baby won't be clingy any more. :) Enjoy.----------pain under right rib cage

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