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how to get my baby to drink more?

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My almost 6 mo old baby girl just will not happily accept her bottle anymore. We only made it 3 wks BF before I lost my milk, so she's pretty much been exclusively bottle fed. After introducing solids to her, she REFUSES to drink her bottle. All she wants to do is eat "real" food. Im worried she wont get enough to hydrate herself, plus to my understanding babies this age still are supposed to have most of their nutritional needs met by breastmilk/formula...HELP!

answers (3)

try a sippy cup. maybe baby doesn't like the nipple.
Agreed - if she won't take the bottle, try out a sippy cup.  she might not like the first style you give her, so get several styles and try them all.  My son loves the ones with straws, but I know others who won't touch them.  You're right that most of your daughter's nutritional needs are being met by formula and/or breastmilk - but if she's more interested in solids, I'd take that and run with it.  No reason your daughter can't get her formula in a sippy, and supplement with veggies, proteins, and fruits.  It's hard to force fluids, I know, but every few sips helps. And look at the bright side: sounds as if your daughter's already weaned herself off the bottle - that's cause for celebration!  One less thing to do later on!
I was thinking of trying the sippy. I mean with the bottle she may drink 4-5 oz with or without solids...unless its nighttime (she still loves the bottle as bedtime routine as well as one feeding usually around 3-4a)...I havent cut her nighttime feedings because its the only time I can get her to drink a good amt of her formula. I guess I'll be going to the store today and grabbing some sippy cups!

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