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how to get my baby to sleep without swaddling?

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My baby girl is 6 mo old at the end of this month. To this day she will not sleep/nap for longer than 5-15 mins unless she is swaddled. Ive been told that swaddling her at this point is becoming dangerous since she can roll over. Im not sure if this is true, however, all of her blankets are getting too small to swaddle her with since shes already more than doubled her birthweight! Any tips/solutions?

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I had the same problem with my son - he loved the swaddle, but was starting to outgrow them, plus he was getting much more mobile in his sleep.  (And it was this time of year, too - and HOT!)  I ended up weaning him off the swaddle in stages.  He was already wiggling one arm free of the swaddle, so I just let that arm hang out.  Then after a week or so, I let two arms hang free, so that only his lower half was swaddled - this made me feel a lot better, because I knew he could roll over or push something away if he needed breathing room.  After a few weeks, I was able to drop the swaddle altogether.  Presto!  No swaddle!  Don't be too worried about her age - my son was 8 months when he finally went swaddle free, and I was really worried until I read that there's some kids who stay swaddled until they're a YEAR OLD.  Yikes!
try swaddling her but leaving the arms free. at this point I wouldn't be too worried yet, yes she can roll over but at 6mths she also has enough strength in her head to move it so she will be fine :)

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