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How to get rid of the sleepy-time bottle? 15m old won't give it up.

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My daughter is almost 16m old and still takes a bottle at nap- and bedtime. No matter what we try, she refuses to sleep without it. My grandmother says she'll give it up on her own, but she shows no signs of being willing to.

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I would give my daughter a little sipy cup before putting her to bed.. then she would ask for the bottle and i would say no missy you just drank milk and at first she would cry for a few min... Untill it would sink in to her that i wasnt going to give it to her no matter how hard she cried..!! now she drinks milk in her sipy cup like 30 min before she goes to bed...i decided to take it away at 13 months because i heard bottle after 13 months is bad for there teeth...!! maybe try her sipy cup... and if she doesnt want it then dont give her anything... say its that or nothing, i think giving in every time too what ever it is they want is something us parents do and that kids are small but smart and sometimes take advantage of that !!
you need to put your foot down, and just take it away. let her cry it out. i took the paci away from my daughter the night before her 1st bday. she screamed for an hour, before finnaly drifting off to sleep. throw the bottle in the trash, it's way past time for her to be done with it. she needs to be drinking from a cup at this age.
My son is 17 months old and will still use a bottle at bedtime sometimes.  And yes, i'm trying to wean him, and it's hard.  Some babies give it up easier than others, don't let anyone let you feel bad about it.What I found to be very helpful with my son was to separate the bottle from his bedtime routine.  Instead of giving it to him upstairs, in his room, I gave it to him downstairs, about ten minutes before we went upstairs.  I fed him, and then let him play for a bit, and then once I saw the sleep signs, we went up to bed and went through the routine.  Because he wasn't hungry, he was content with the rest of his routine, and I didn't get much of a complaint. It's not always fool-proof, but more often than not I'm able to put him down with no bottle at all.  Eventually, we'll be able to drop the bedtime bottle entirely. Good luck!
your kid won't give it up, because you have allowed it to go this long. you are the problem, here. not your child. take all the bottles and throw them in the trash!!!!!
pinkpaisley- ur answering ppls questions a little harsh..just to the question asked, try giving it to him/her before they go downto sleep. i was told ur not supposed to let them sleep with a bottle because it can ruin there teeth.
like i said, just take the damn thing away. she screams and cries because she's not getting her way.
think about like this- you kid gets a hold of something dangerous such as cleaning products, or scissors, for ex. are you going to let them have it to avoid a tantrum? no! you are going to take it away, and let them deal with it for the safety of your child. kids cry, and they get over it. you are the adult here! you are the parent. so start acting like one.
Pinkpaisley- you need to relax, it's a bottle for crying out loud.As to the person who asked, only give it to her right at bed time.. then switch to a sippy cup like 3 nights a week, then gradually work on getting to everynight..
@pinkpaisley - there's a word for people who write posts like yours. Don't make me use it. I'm asking for honest advice. DO NOT come in here and throw accusations in my face. You have NO right to trample on my feelings like that.@everyone else - Thanks for your help. I'm working on a plan of attack as we speak. Hopefully this goes well.
don't get your feelings hurt when people don't agree with what you are doing. after all, you are the one posting ?'s on the internet asking people for opinions, and advice. yeah, i'm a bitch. oh well. i'm very outspoken.

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