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how to get rid of strech marks !!!

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three weeks ago i had my first baby... very happy about it... but after he was born i had started getting strech marks.. i kept myself lotioned up and everything while i was pregnant and i thought i wasnt going to have them and im a very small person and now i have them i know i still have time for them to go away before summer gets here... but i also like to help reduce them cuz they are very noticeable in many places some of the places really dont matter but i manly want them off my stomach everywhere else i can cover up with a bathing suit or shorts but if anyone knows any home remedies or any cheap way to get rid of them it would be great

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i haven't found any cheap ways to get rid of mine.  but i broke down and bought BioOil, it advertises to work on stretchmarks and scars.  It is expensive, like $20 at Walgreens for a small bottle and you have to use it every day for at least 3 months.  I have been using it for one month and honestly I do see a slight difference, they are getting lighter and less noticeable. if it keeps working then it is worth the money for me!  good luck, my mom calls them battlescars of motherhood.  lol
I'm not sure you can get rid of them! I was told that they are from the hormone change in your body, so a lotion does very little to help with them.
I've asked my doctor, she said that they will fade in a year, but never competely go away.
Try Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Strech Marks. It is very effective and pocket friendly. I have been using it ever since I got pregnant and now I am 8 months along with 0 stretch marks. I usually pair it with Burts Bees Mama Bee Body Oil, apply it right after shower and apply the butter on top of it. Hope it helps.
There are many over the counter lotions and creams that claim to get rid of or lesson stretch marks, but to be honest my doctor says that they don't work, over time they will fade though. many of these creams claim you need to use them every day or several months to see a difference but after a couple months they should be lessening on their own anyways so is it really the cream? :PI was quite young when I had my first and I tried all sorts of creams and oils and such and found the only thing that worked really was time.Good luck, maybe things have progressed enough now that you can find a cream that works but I think you should love your body, you worked hard for those stretch marks :)
you just have to remember that you get stretch marks from losing weight too. I got this tiny little stick of 100% coco butter and it helped a lot. but do it now so that they don't leave scars.
Some natural creams run from $5-$200 but for even greater results, I'd get it laser-removed which is $200 but it's like it wasn't even there! However, I'm absolutely IN LOVE with the TriLastin SR it was on the Tyrah Banks show and it works wonders. It's about $99 shipping included which is a great offer for something that works that well and believe me, I have 3 kids and it really came in handy.
instead of trying to get rid of them, learn to love them. they will fade over time, but never go away completely. no one is perfect. after all, it takes all types to make the world go round. our bodies change during and after pregnancy, but it's worth it. children are miracles, be thankful that you are able to have such a blessing in your life, and stop worrying about such petty things as stretch marks.

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