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How to get rid of thunder thighs!!!????

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I have always had big thighs, even as a child, and some girls may like curves. But me personally, I hate it! I am 18 weeks pregnant so I can't do as much as I'd like too, but is there any low impact exercises I can do to help burn leg fat.

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The only way to burn fat is to eat at a calorie deficit, which you cannot do during pregnancy. Once you have your baby and are done breast feeding you can lower your calories (you'll need to track them, I recommend using a free site called My Fitness Pal) and you'll also need to do plenty of exercise, both cardio and strength training.
Oh, and in the meantime, you can walk and you should make sure that you are only eating healthy foods (whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink water, no junk food, soda, or candy).
Sorry for so many posts, but I keep rethinking of things I should have added have to accept your body for what it is. If you naturally have some curves, there's nothing you can do to change that. Your body shape is what it is, you can't fight it. You can't have long, thin legs if that's not your body type. You can slim down some, but you may not ever be able to have the body you're picturing in your me. I've been where you are. I spent years hating my body when I was younger. I wanted long legs, smaller hips, bigger boobs. I'll never have legs longer than they are now. I can trim down my hips some, but they're naturally wider, which honestly, gives a nice hourglass figure that a lot of men find attractive and it makes childbirth extremely easy for me. my boobs grew as I got older. I will never have a super model's body. It just isn't how I'm made. So, I had to accept my body for what it is. And while I need to lose some more weight after this baby is born, I like my shape. It's sexy, and in all honesty, most men do not like stick straight girls. They like the curves.
I have also always had large thighs. The only way they went down was diet and exercise. The original Weight Watchers worked great. I also was training for a 10k race. Those 2 together helped me lose 25lb. Good luck.
I also agree to wait until after you have the baby.
You can exercise during pregnancy, please talk to your doctor. It is very hard to target one particular area of your body for weight loss regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.  During your pregnancy, you should concentrate on eating nutritionally.  There is a very good good publication titled Bright Futures: Physical Activity and Healthy Eating For Young Women that might help you: 

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