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How to get siblings to sleep? 2 yr & 4 yr want to giggle and play.

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My almost 4 yr old was sleeping well in her room. My almost 2 yr old was sleeping in her crib in the parent's room. A few months ago, we tried moving the crib into the kid room to start them sleeping together (which was always the plan). The baby wouldn't go down. She would jump around in the crib. If the toddler was in there, it was even worse. They would giggle and play. So, about 2 weeks ago, we made a big deal about the baby moving into the toddler bed in the kid room. The toddler got the 'new' bed, the baby got the toddler's bed (they are actually identical beds). But now our worst fear is happening. They want to giggle and talk and play. We set rules: no jumping, stay in your own bed, no throwing dolls to each other, stay sitting or lying down, talk quietly. But they carry on and try to push the limits of the rules for up to 2 hours. They don't get to bed till after 10pm!! Finally, we get mad, and threaten spankings, and then they go to sleep. Usually the younger one will finally pass out and soon after the older one will fall asleep. We don't want to get to that angry, threatening place, but it seems to be the only thing that finally works. The only thing I can think of to try, which may be hard to pull off, is to try to get the younger one totally asleep before allowing the older one in the room. Ideas?

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try putting the 2 year old to bed first. once she's asleep, put the 4 year old in the bed. make sure you explain to your 4 year old that it's bedtime, and she needs to be quiet to avoid waking the other child.
Thanks pinkpaisley. This is exactly what we have been trying and it's been working. The only downside is it makes the night long with 2 seperate bed times. Sometimes the 4 yo gets to bed later than we would like. But she has done very good at being quiet.

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