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How to get son to sleep in his bed

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My son is 18 months old. I tried the crying it out to get him to sleep in his own room. Rather than the crying lessening it actually got longer. It started that it took 15 minutes, by the fourth night after an hour of screaming and neighbors complaining I gave up and took him in my bed. Any tips or tricks?

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What worked best for my kids was sitting next to their crib while they fell asleep. It let them know that they were safe and that they weren't being abandoned. But, it didn't keep them so dependent on physical comfort from me and it got them used to being in their cribs. I would talk to them to keep them calm (they'd cry if I wasn't holding them) and I'd rub their backs through the side of the crib as long as they were laying down. I gave them a cuddly blanket and a LeapFrog Puppy Pal that plays music. It took a few nights but they started understanding the new bedtime routine and as they got used to sleeping in their crib I was able to leave their room a little bit earlier each night, while they were still awake. And if they woke up in the middle of the night I sat by their crib until they fell asleep. I didn't take them out to give them a hug or anything like that.

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