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How to get through to my 10 year old.

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My 10 year old son has become so defiant. He procrastinates doing anything. My wife and I try to get him to do his homework as soon as he gets home from school to free up his night to do what 10 year olds do. But by 8-9 o'clock at night, we are still doing homework with him. He constantly is talking back and it always ends up in a screaming match. Its to the point now where I just send him to bed and say screw it. You earn the grade that you put into it. Ive taught him the motto in our house, the only two things you should worry about and that is work hard and play hard. His job is school like we all have a job and when that is all done, then you go play. Work first and then go play. Weve tried everything. We dont have any television on when he's doin home work, and no other distractions. He's a smart kid. He gets A's and B's in school. He's even this way at school. His teacher has the same problems that we do. A bright kid, but pissing it all away. I dont spank my kids unless it absolutely calls for it. His mother and I spend quality time with him, so I know he's not neglected in the love category. If we ask him if he has done all of his homework, he usually lies about it and we dont find out until we find out from his teacher. Yes, I do check his home work from time to time, but I do want to teach my son about having responsibilities and being accountable for his actions. Ive never believed in grounding cause I feel like its pointless. Yah, Ill keep him from going to his friends house, but how much can you really ground your kids from before they feel like they live in prison. Any advice would be great, thanks.

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Typical…very typical but it usually is seen in those who are in their teen.  You should do counseling as soon as possible. There may be any kind of incident by which your son is highly affected…just try to find out it very carefully and cordially. Thanks. babysitting rates
take everything away from him. game console, television, computer, phone, etc. everything! when he comes home from school, tell him he needs to sit down and do his homework. no questions, no excuses, just do it. if it takes you, or the wife sitting there with him, then do it. he needs to know that there are consequenses for his actions. have him start going to bed earlier, as another punishment. tell him that when the grades come up, and he wants to start behaving, one by one, he can receive a privelege back. simple as that. i'm all for spanking, but that probably won't get you anywhere in this situation. hope this helps, and good luck to you.
first off-dont do homework right after he gets home from school. Keep in mind he's been sitting in school all day doing work-he neds a break(45 min to 1 hour)after getting home.try that to see if it could also try talking with him and seeing if anything is bothering him-maybe he's acting the way he is because he's struggeling in school and you may not be realizng it 

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