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How to handle a little diva...

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My daughter is 10 months old and shes my little princess and I love her but shes a brat sometimes. She had to go to the doctors and get a shot so I took her to toys r us and bought her a toy but when we had to leave she started screaming and crying.She was screaming bloody murder and kicking her feet,I had to go into the bathroom and calm her down before I could go out to the car.How can I control these moments?

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A. She doesn't need a new toy for going to a doctor's appointment, even if she's getting a shot. My kids have never gotten anything but hugs after getting shots. They aren't afraid to go to the doctor, even though they know there's a good chance they'll get shots.B. This is about the same time my kids went through their tantrum phases. Thankfully, mine never had tantrums in pubic. But at home, I just ignored them. I told them I would talk to them again once they calmed down and stopped crying. The tantrums never lasted more than 10 minutes. After about a week the tantrums stopped and they really haven't thrown tantrums since. If a tantrum happens in public it's best to just leave the store. Chances are your daughter wanted more toys and thought that by throwing a tantrum you would give in to her demands. The best way to stop that kind of behavior is to show here in no uncertain terms that she will not get her way. That will force her to learn better negotiating and communication skills. Basically, don't let her behave that way and she won't. My kids can also go to a toy store without wigging out for toys. We go to Babies R Us and Target all the time, we often walk by the toys and my kids may ask for or show interest in toys but they don't freak out when they don't get them.
I don't give in, its my husband who treats her like the queen bee of the house he said that if she was good to buy her a toy. I was against it but we have been angry at eachother for like a day or two. I really didn't wanna argue so I agreed to get her a toy, normally I would hug her and give her a magic mommy kiss and that would be the end of it. Thanks for the advice!
You and your husband need to be on the same page when it comes to parenting. It doesn't matter what problems the two of you may be having with each other, you need to be united in your parenting. Being divided will only encourage bad behavior because your daughter will pick up on it and she'll play you against each other. And yes, even infants and toddlers can do this.
Yeah I want to be on the same page as him but we are going through alot.......

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