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How to handle rude comments while pregnant?

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I am 17 weeks pregnant and am starting to show quite a bit, I've only gained about 6 pounds but people are talking to me like I'm enormous! I'm a fairly small person and have not gained weight anywhere else except my tummy and my boobs, I feel like I look pretty good, and I like my baby bump:) Until someone feels the need to comment on how big I look, or ask me if I'm having twins:( I know people mean well, or that they don't even think about it when they say it but it's starting to affect my self esteem. Any adivice?

answers (9)

when i was pregnant with my first daughter caitlyn i started gaining weight pretty fast and now im pregnant with sextuplets and im 9 weeks pregnant and i only gained 2 pounds i know the setuplets thing sounds really crazy and people are already saying im getting big  and i dont really think im that big at all but sometimes people are rude like that and you just gotta ignore them
Its gonna be hard! I understand where your coming from. Before i had my little girl i weighed only 105 and at the hospital i weighed in at 153. I have always been really small and it was hard to keep my head up as well.But I had to learn to look at it as.. Theres another person in there :-) Everyone does mean well. As you have mentioned, you're a small person and it is a change for everyone (and you of course) to see the two of you. It helped me to tell people that my baby was healthy and growing just like she was supposed to. And if its your family and close friends that are making comments, take some time to explain that you are feeling a little self conscious about the comments. They'll understand. And i know they wont want to hurt your feelings.You've got it right tho! Take pride in your baby bump! Best of luck to you both.
Thanks ladies!:)  I googled how to handle those comments, and not that I would do or say half of the things suggested on the sire, it was hilarious reading about other people stories, comments, and experiences with it:) 
I'd love to tell you- who cares!? But I know it can be hurtful- but hey-you're having a baby! And trust me people will be rude no matter what.  People I never met used to come up and rub my stomach all the time when I was pregnant. Then when you finally have the baby they'll tell you your girl is a handsome boy or your boy is a beautiful girl- then worst of all- they'll come up and touch your child! People you've never met! You're going to gain what you gain- I gained 36- my baby is 6 weeks and I've already lost 26 lbs. It'll just fall off and it won't matter what people say.
I have a tilted uterus so i get big FAST. I get a ton of those comments. I just smile rub my tummy and say, "the doctor says WE are perfect," with a big smile on my face. Although it hurts bad smiling and pointing out they are not a doctor made me feel better. Actually the last time anyone said anything to me at work i was really emotional from the hormones and someone joked about twins i started crying uncontrollably, wasn't on purpose but no one at work ever said i was big again, even when i was about to pop. lol :)
People are just rude! And a lot of people don't have the filter that tells you what not to say... I have gained a little weight in my face and a lady, with two kids herself, pointed out my weight gain and laughed. Next time I am going to try to get the nerve up to say..."Ya, I'm pregnant. What is your excuse?" ;)
just tell them to f*** off and walk away. that's what i did when i was preggo. worked every time.
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