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how healthy are these jarred baby food products?

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I mean are the baby food companies really using real fruits n veggies how do they keep them from rotting? I use fresh fruit n veggies for my 7 month old and we all know whats happens to fresh fruit when its not eaten within a few minutes it rots I dont know something in me just doesnt trust the boxed baby food is it really healthy for the babies? I do like the oatmeal ceral cant go wrong with that LOL

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If you want to make your own baby food you can. It's easy. Just steam fruits and vegetables and puree them in a blender. I like to freeze individual servings in an ice cube tray. Fresh baby food doesn't last long in the refrigerator.But, jarred food is just fine. I fed my kids Earth's Best organic baby foods. They are pasteurized and canned properly so there are no germs and they stay fresh for about a year if the jars are unopened.
I love Earth's best as well. Not only is it organic, but I feel like they have really interesting flavors and combinations. At this time of year, they have pumpkin apple and my daughter loves it! I like to feed her mashed up fresh fruits and veggies as well, but I don't freeze anything. If I were a SAHM, though, I would be all about making and freezing my own baby food!
Most of the baby food Products are off High qulaity and can provide great source for good health of the baby.

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