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How to help hubby be more positive with children?

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He makes negative comments to them frequently, like "Don't act like an idiot." He also tends to yell more than try to keep his voice at a milder level. Our oldest is 10 and high-functioning autistic, with two younger children age 8 and 5. Children act afraid of him most of the time. He has let his temper get the best of him at times by throwing a child onto their bed.

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Talk to him after the kids go to bed and explain what you see from your perspective. I would also reccoment talking with you   r kids about how his actions make them feeel and then go with them one-on-one with their dad and have them tell him how it makes them feel(be sure to tell them before hand that he is NOT to respond until they are finished talking). Then maybe you can reach a solution together.
video tape him without him knowing it and then later in the day, go remember when... and show him the tape. Seeing it from a different view so to say may make him realize just how bad it is. Or he'll get really pissed that you taped him without him knowing it.
Some Men never get it  never  get  that parent Bond   He needs to be taught  I am not putting him down  what so ever  Just some Guys do not know how to handle kids,No less a special Needs child. There are  groups  ( check local hospital  that  could help your kids even hubby understand  the Autism  This is not only hard for  those who  do not understand (that is why they  get scared)  Even the child with Autism  knows he or she is  different and  this  brings on more stress and  attacks . The class help  teach  what  Autism is all about a well  as  lets the older kids   make friend with other kid  who have Autistic siblings.  If there is no group start your own I bet you will find your not alone  you can post  the class at  the doctores office Library and so on. Good Luck and God Bless
I am now 32 weeks pregnant an have realized that my fiance looses his temper quickly in similar ways with his niece an nephews. I have told him that I will not raise our child around yelling an screaming. I was brought up around that an it caused me many problems growing up. So I explained that if he feels he may say something hurtful or lose his temper and yell that he needs to leave the room or house until he calms down and thinks he can handle the situation in a better manner. (Betsy83) I love your answer as well. Just help him realize that sometimes the ways he handles things can be hurtful to you and the children an hopefully he will change his ways. Good luck :)

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